We are seeking help from the community to get the word out! You can help as a promotional Sponsor by sharing our event on Facebook, Liking posts and videos, inviting others to attend on the Facebook event page, sharing in your communities of interest and groups!

We also need to shore up financial support through major underwriting Sponsorship. This allows us to cover the costs of producing the Summit, freeing up more resources to support women globally.

Cross Cultural Collaborator – Underwriting Sponsor


Community Healer – Underwriting Sponsor


Nonkilling Culture Creator – Underwriting Sponsor

$3000 – $1000

Thank you Leslie Harris!

Sponsor Women Activists, Artists, Students, Teachers, to attend, and/or present at the Summit. Help provide scholarship opportunities for students, and women from diverse communities, impacted by oppression and limited financial resources.

Give Voice to the Voiceless – Scholarships

$1000 – $500

Thank you Keller Yoga!

Make Women Visible – Scholarships

$500 – $100

Thank You Michelle Graham!

Thank you Hag Root!

Women’s Social Collectives – Scholarships

$100 – $25

Sponsorship participation and collaboration in supporting this event will be seen through:

  • Event webpage,
  • Advertising in the Summit program,
  • Tabling and banner opportunities during the Summit.
  • Major underwriting sponsors will also receive a signed hard copy book by Dr. Danica Anderson of Blood & Honey: A Secret Herstory of Women, South Slavic Women’s Experiences in a Modern Day Territorial Warfare.

Women owned/centered/leadership businesses are requested to become a promotional and financial Sponsor.

Non-profit organizations focusing on Social Justice and Peace Activism, Women’s Human Rights, Violence Against Women, Inter-sectional Feminism, Gynocide, Gendercide, Genocide & Holocaust Education, Women’s Social Collectives, Informed Trauma Care and Communities of Healing and Wellness, etc. are invited to attend, and/or promote and contribute as an underwriting sponsor.




Thank you Keller Yoga for offering monthly women’s circles with proceeds going to support the Kolo International Women’s Summit on Nonkilling Cultures.